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Maintenance-free Sealed Lead-acid battery, VRLA battery, UPS battery
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Maintenance-free Sealed Lead-acid battery, VRLA battery, UPS battery (100)

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Maintenance-free Sealed lead-acid batteries is a reliable and efficient power source, meeting the diverse energy storage needs of various industries and applications. With high performance (good sealing performance, good electrical conductivity), long service life, no pollution, no maintenance, safe and reliable excellent performance.

Maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries have a extremely low self-discharge rate, wide range of operating temperature, good sealing performance, good conductivity, excellent charge acceptance, safe and reliable explosion-proof exhaust system.
Operating temperature range: Charge 0~40℃, Discharging -20~55℃, Storage -15~50℃, best ambient temperature: 5~35℃. Under 25℃, the designed floating life is up to 12 years.

General Features:
●Long time discharge characteristics.
●Suitable for backup and energy storage power.
●Special plate design, long cycle life.
●The special lead-calcium alloy formula enhances the corrosion resistance of the grid and prolongs the battery life.
●Dedicated partitions enhance the battery's internal performance.
●Large heat capacity, reduces the risk of thermal runaway, is not easy to dry up, can be used in harsh environments.
●High gas recombination efficiency.
●Water loss is rare without electrolyte stratification.
●Long storage period.
●Good deep discharge recovery performance.
●The fumed silica has small particle size and large specific surface area.
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